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Re: Lights (fog and otherwise)

>Absolutely. BTW, I've tried high power 9004 bulbs on my wife's previous car
>(a Saab 9000) and found that  I spent a lot of time replacing crisped
>connectors. IMHO, the 9004 bulb connector simply can't handle the extra
>juice from a higher wattage bulb, so I'm not going this route on the Audi.
>I did note, however, that GE has a higher performance bulb that is the same
>wattage as a standard bulb, supposedly with up to 80% more light (which by
 ^^^^^^^                                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>the way, is about the minimum you'd need to notice *any* difference).
>Anyone have any experience with these bulbs? 

When, where, how can we all get these great bulbs that give 80%
more light for the SAME WATTAGE.

Suppliers, prices, quattro-group-discounts, 

Alan Cordeiro
'86 5K, with dual relay mod, standard 9004 bulbs.