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Seat heaters in 1987 4000 CS quattro

Fellow cold road navigators,

        I have been having probs with my seat heaters ever since I got this
car.  First, I thought it was the relay.  I went to the exhaustive procedure
of determing which relay controlled the seats (by trial and error mostly)
and eventually got a replacement.  Much to my dismay, no worka!
        The symptoms:  Occasional functioning, especially when the heaters
are turned on, but when no one is sitting in the car; when they do work,
often a clicking sound emanates from the relay/fuse box (which is why I
first thought the relay was the problem).

        I have seen a couple of messages up here about this type of problem,
but I have not located any specific replies.  I would greatly appreciate any
offered wisdom!!
					Yours truly,
					David Bovee
					Dept. of Chemistry
					University of Denver