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Re: Radios, RDS and Blaupunkt

   I read with interest the posts on buying a euro-spec radio in an attempt to get
   the RDS feature in an Audi.  As far as I know, the Delta radios may already have
   My personal favorite solution and pet project is to get a nice Blaupunkt deck
   with RDS, CD controls, etc, crack that baby open, and run some data wires out to
   the very VW/Audi looking socket that sits empty so I get my CD, RDS, etc AND my
   frequency display in the dash.  Is this possible? I don't know, but when I get a

Dunno 'bout that "socket" you have, but Denon sells a very good line of
"radios" that has RDS capabilities (I'm still trying to get used to the
idea of the radio "knowing" I'm listening to "Wxxx" . . .). In addition,
their very nice very compact 5-CD changer hides in the trunklette and
mostly survives my UrQ's very-stiff Abt suspension in its daily battle
with New England roads.