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Re: Vr's vs Audis

> > 
>  All you're comparing here is a sports car that is built by people who 
> have no school of engineering (VR) and assembled by people who had at 
> most five years of formal education roughly speaking, to a car that is 
> built and assembled by highly qualified German professionals that have 
> pride and traditions. Now, which of thses two will produce a better car?

I guess it depends on how you qualify 'better'. Sure the japanese make 
pretty darn good cars. So do the germans. But I were to put my money on 
which car will start EVERY morning, and never have  to open the hood 
except when I want to... Id place my money on the japanese car.  If I 
could only have one car, I doubt Id be driving an UrQ today. I know, 
"thats 13 years old", But I dont think my 'new' 90 is the picture of 
perfection either. It has enough gliches in it that will make it not 
start up one morning.
Although the wifes Accord is EXTREMELY uninspiring (And downright BORING) 
it has been the model car. It has three times the mileage of my 90 (180K) 
and her total repair (not maintenance here..) bills have been ZERO.  Cant 
say that about my 90!  Especially talking about air conditioning 
compressors that are CROSS THREADED at the damn factory (read replace 
BOTH hoses and compressor) a crappy Climate Control system, leaky valve 
cover gasket (should I go on??)


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