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Re: corrado

In a message dated 96-01-05 10:47:03 EST, you write:

>ts see, the rear wing of the corrado pops up at 40 mph. Consider all 
>the weight involved in this. (motors, wiring etc). Dont really care what 
>that german piece of paper says, but at 40 mph (Or any speed the corrado 
>can attain) Id be willing to bet its doing very little. If it IS doing 
>some good at 40, then VW better rethink their designs, because it sucks.

Justifying a whiz toy is just silly, to say that performance cars need them
for downforce is fine, but the motor thing is a toy, on the corrado or the
porsche or the VRs'....   This is the BS we put up with in 90's sports and
supercars......  To say since the VR has more of the hokey's doesn't mean
that it is any less of a mindset than putting that motor set up on the
porsches too.....   My point exactly......  If it works put it on, leave it
on (or up) and that's that......   The argument eliot uses on the european
countries that don';t allow it is I'm sure not true, cuz the wing on a supra
turbo or several other "sporties" are bigger and more obnoxious than the
three that move them.....  Sounds like a couple countries have only VR's
Porsches and Corrados running wings on them.....  Hmmmm , a little weak....
 It's toy stuff, and toys is toys.....  Maybe the Japanese took the "he with
the most..."  argument.....  Thanks for the post, bob