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Re: 4KSQ: won't start :-(

     Mark, I recently had the same problem, or rather the same symptoms in 
     the same car. Mine turned out to be the fuse for the ecu. When 
     checking the fuse both visually and with a DMM, it looked ok and had 
     continuity. What it turned out to be was a corroded terminal in the 
     fusebox. The fuse for the euc is in a row along the side that look 
     like spare fuses. I don't know if this is your exact problem, but no 
     power to the ecu will give those symptoms.
     e-mail me direct if you have any other questions.

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Subject: 4KSQ: won't start :-(
Author:  MENGEBR.SVC@pc.Trimble.COM (Mark Engebretson) at Internet
Date:    1/5/96 01:48 PM

I have an '85 4KSQ that has been running just fine, in fact, it has 
always started on the first try.  The other night, I went to start it (it 
ran fine in the morning) and nothing.  The engine turns over just fine, 
lights and accessories work, but no ignition (not even a pop).  I checked 
the fuses and various connections, all seem fine.  The fuel pump is 
audible when the engine is cranking, and there is a smell of gas.  The 
distributor cap is dry.
I rarely have had cars "just fail."  It seems to me that something fried 
in the ignition system.  But what?  I just returned a week ago from a 
2000 mile road-trip.  The car showed no signs of a problem.
Does anyone have any insight to what the problem might be or where I 
should start?  Any free-lance Audi mechanics out there that reside in the 
Silicon Valley area?  Any recommendations on Audi mechanics in the 
Sunnyvale area?  I just hate to have it towed into a shop.
All replies deeply appreciated
Mark A. Engebretson                  
Trimble Navigation Ltd.
Technical Assist Center (TAC)
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