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Re: corrado

>Yup.. used to work with the JPS Lotus team... Real familiar with F1. The 
>wings on the F1 are strictly for downforce, not drag reduction. F1 cars 
>are as aerodynamic as a brick. They are going for downforce.  
Yes they are but the still try to reduce drag as much as possible, Hence 
the Barge Boards and Vortex generators (Sharks Teeth). Air Managment 
baby, that's the name of the game.

>Also Did 
>work in the Aviation field, a lot of leading edges of plane wings are 
>hollow, (looped)...why..?? To create DRAG for lower take off and landing 
Bzzzztttttttt.. To Reattach the boundry layer.....  That's why the 
leadings edges are drooped, Slats that's another thing.  They are there 
to increase the wing area along with flaps to lower take off and landing 
speeds.  I'm both a Fixed wing and Helicopter Pilot, and there are a 
total of 8 aero engineers in my family....  I kinda know where I'm 
comming from.  The last thing that you want in a low and slow condition 
(Take off/Landing) is excess drag, Lift yes, drag for drag's sake NO.  
Lift (Wing area)  is what gets you those lower T/O and Landing speeds.

>I think I need another drink...
I would tend to agree..........


Eric Fletcher