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Quattro rear diff.

In the September 1984 issue of Sports Car Graphic there is a very good
article comparing the 1984 TQC and the 1984 4KSQ.  Under drivetrain
specifications, they list an axle ratio of 4.11:1 for the 4KSQ and an axle
ratio of 3.89:1 for the TQC.  Are the 4KSQ diffs a direct replacement into
the TQC?  If so, doesn't this seem to be a very affordable way to improve
quickness?  Wouldn't a TQC with 4.11 gearing perform better on the track?

The article also listed the 4KSQ as having a larger bore, and higher
compression ratio.  Wouldn't the affordable hot ticket be mounting a 4KQ
short block into the TQC?

As an aside, the article concludes that the TQC is worth the $35,000 (1984),
but is not twice as good as the 4KSQ at $17,000 (1984).  Not what I wanted
to hear since I'm selling my '85 4KSQ to buy a TQC!


John Karasaki