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Re: terminology (was Re: S6/Subaru)

> At 09:06 AM 1/4/96 -0500, Richard Davis wrote:
> >connotation, I suspect he used it a shortened term for Japanese the way
> >some use Ausi to describe Australians and the term Brit to describe people

> Are you saying the term has a positive connotation today?  If so, I would
> ask you to rethink a few things.  Racial slurs aren't necessary here--they

OK, OK.  If someone was offended by it, it probably shouldn't be, BUT, 
did anyone think that maybe "Jap" was used much as an abbreviation, such 
as the 5KCSTQ that we are so fond of?  Ur-Q?  I could be wrong... 

Robert Phillips
The University of Akron Sociology Department-------Akron, Ohio