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Re: 4QS owner seeks enlightenment

At 09:28 PM 1/2/96 -0500, you wrote:
>You wrote: There's a squarish button between the left and right sets of pwr
>switches. When I press it...zip , nada, nothing. Before I proceed to
>troubleshoot it, perhaps other 4QS owners can enlighten me.
>If its like my 5KCSTQ, that shuts off power to yer back winders so the kiddos
>can't toss themselves out...

And I found out that it disables the rear window switch lights as well (ie.
can't put the window down if you can't find the switch... heh, heh...) and
the rear-console cigarette lighter... (ie. don't want the little buggers to
burn themselves, or burn a hole in that fine leather....)

I thought it was all broken... until I went back and RTFM!! (Good thing I
didn't take it somewhere for service, I'm sure they  would have been happy
to take my $$ and tell me "yep, it is all fixed... after 5 hours of work...
it was the thingamabob that you can only get in Germany.... that will be
$800.00 please....")

Those crazy engineers... they think of everything, eh? Just the like the A/C
that won't "work" when it is really cold out...

                      Jim Griffin

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