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Mis - Q's

Alex, before you unsubscribe from a bunch of **Sholes on this list, let me,
in deference to 'Unk Bart, try to calm things down a bit......   This list
has a LOT of knowlegeable folks on it, not always PC, but welcoming newbies
based only on their first impressions, and those would be your posts.....
 And the statement, you don't get a second chance to make a first impresssion
is key in the "net" world......  First let me say, you are welcome here,
anytime......   Second, the flames that have started are the result of a lot
of newbies from the EC magazine, that come on here, spew a raft of
misinformation, ask about a audi prollum, then unsubscribe.....  A few of us
who have been here  for months or years have seen too many of these
violations, and we tend to get desensitized to it.

The classic symtoms of these posts are no archive work, little respect for
newbie status, gross misstatement of facts, and flames that just have NO
foundation.  There is nobody to patrol this list, you say what you want, it
is self patrolled.....  What I saw, and maybe you can set me straight, is
exactly the above scenario from your @ address.   We are very tolerant of
newbies, and enjoy a fresh face.....  Flames are just a dangerous thing when
you are new......  Walking onto this list with a leaky bottle of butane is
just not smart thinkin, and that is what I'm seeing here......   If you go to
archives, you would be AMAZED at the information available to you and your
"german" 5ktq.....  

And it's free to you for the "taking."  We ask in return, a little less of
the let me tell you's, cuz in the last year, just about every topic (and I
mean every) concerning audis is buried in the archives of majordomo.  I
encouraged you with a non PC post to explore that resource, then come back
here and post again with the temperence this execise might induce.   I am not
apologizing for my post or the flames you created, cuz they are all yours.  I
do ask that you take some time to ease all the knowlege you claim to have
into the net with just as much enthusiasm, just a little more respect.   We
are not offended, just folks with a lot of battered newbie miles on them for
posts like these.  

We look forward to having you stick around a while, you stumbled onto the
right list if you have a quattro.  Don't stub your toe on the steps you took
to get here......

Respectfully concerned