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Crashed!! Help!!

Hi Folks,

On Friday,  December 22,  while stopped at a stop light I was rear 
ended. Actually I was the first car in a three car pile up. No 
injuries but my 1988 cstq sustained a lot of damage. I talked to the 
claims adjuster and the body shop were it was towed estimated that it 
was going to cost $6,049 to fix. He said because it was a front wheel 
drive they were going to total it (depressing). I told him that on 
the rear of the car (before it was crushed) it said 5000 CS QUATTRO 
on the drivers side and TURBO on the passenger side. He said if it 
was a quattro then they could fix it (elation). He called me back 
later and said that it wasn't a quattro he checked the vin number 
(wauhd0444jn015137). There was a thread a while back on what these 
letter and numbers mean and according to that thread my vin stands 
for: wau=audi, h=5000 turbo&quattro, 0=active (seat belts), 44=5000, 
4=check digit, j=88, n=nechnasulm, 015137=production sequence. The 
claims adjuster said that if it was a quattro the NADA book was $9300 
plus $400 for low mileage with a $2400 salvage value. He did not give 
me any information about the value of the car if it is not a quattro, 
I think he wants to haggle about the value if they total it. I need 
information/help on what my car is and what the value is:

VIN: WAUHD0444JN015137
Miles: 75,500 (odometer broke, sssh that's a secret)
Shape: Excellent
Other Stuff: automatic, sun roof, seat heaters, power windows, seats, 
abs, climate control,  
Replaced/repaired: steering rack, hydraulic pump, mid and rear 
exhaust, timing belt, fuel
Other inf.: no dials or buttons on dash for lock/unlock differentials.
 A great car that I                         
                 would love to have fixed. I just read some old post 
and if it's a automatic then  
                 it's not a quattro?? but why does it or did it say 
QUATTRO on the trunk ??? I
                 am very depressed now.

Larry K.