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Re: Clutch problems, help needed ...

I had a similar problem.  My hose from the master cylinder to the slave
cyclinder was leaking.  It was a $60 part from the dealer (I hadn't yet
joined this list).  The telltale sign was the large amount of brake fluid
I had been using.  To verify if this is the problem, wrap Aluminum foil
around this hose, then apply the clutch a few times.  Now, remove the
foil.  If it has fluid in it, you have bad connections or a leaking hose. 
Either way, get a new one.  To change it you will need a LINE WRENCH to
avoid kinking the lines or stripping the connectors and a friend to help
you bleed the slave cylinder after the part is installed.  Be sure to
bleed the slave cylinder from the bleed valve and not the hose connection.
 Also, don't let the brake fluid level get too low.

Note:  I don't know squat about the Pentosin system.  If having the
Pentosing system would change this story, please advise.

Eric Schumacher