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Conti CH95 tires/A6 ?

In the EC of June 95 there was an article about the the then new Conti CH95
Touring. The tire was designed for the bigger Merc and Audis and got what I
thought was a decent write up by a journalist who half admitted he was a boy

These were to be fitted to the A6. If there are any lurkers out there with
these, I 4 1 would be very interested in your impressions re: noise, dry, wet
vs snow handling, and wear. These things are always compromises, and it seems
while one can get a reasonable dry and wet balance, its really hard to get the
snow piece as well.

Anyway since these were designed for Audis and are only sold in the US as a
standard size 195/65/15 A6/100 spec, there are probably few users in the
replacement market. They seem like a godd alternate to the GA.