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V8 or not to V8


        Dilemma of the week : I am looking at a '90 V8 Quattro, red with
grey leather, all the V8 stuff (phone, heated seats, bose radio, etc). But
it has ~120k miles on it. I'm not worried about the engine, but I'm tired of
getting reamed for the little 'audi' things that go wrong with them. 
  [ I just got my blower motor fixed, for about 200 parts and 240 labor ]
So I'm not sure whether or not I'm just going to be suffering in the
monetary dept. if I buy this car or not.

     The REAL dilemma, is that it's an Automatic. Yuck yuck and double yuck.
Any audi driving purists want to temp me in either way? Stick or auto? My
heart says to forget about the Auto, and keep my 100Q 5-spd. but the auto
can be shifted sort of like a 4-speed manual w/o a clutch. Hmm.. 

     And then there are the little (expensive!) things - UFO brakes? The
sunroof needs about $300 of work. The drivers side key-lock/unlock needs
another $100 or so. The radio changes station over any (_ANY_) little
bump... and of course, it's an automatic. Yuck. 

Brooks   ' V8 power + auto, or I5 'power' (haha) + stick...hmm '