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[?] 2dr GT

Can someone out there with some experience with these cars tell me if I
should be considering one as my next car?  I don't have a particular car
picked out, I'm just trying to find out if the car fulfills my
specifications.  First off, I'm not sure of the exact model designation
of the car, so I'd appreciate some help there.  I'm looking at the
'80something 2dr awd turbo charged Audi GTs.  Exact years and the
correct model name would be greatly appreciated.  I'm looking at the car
becuase it seems to be fairly sporty, awd (important for Pittsburgh
winters), reliable, and roomy for a 2 door.  Any opinions are greatly
appreciated, as are any leads to such a car.  Thanks!

Rob Verenna       Carnegie Mellon University       robv@andrew.cmu.edu
                  Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity