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Re: [?] 2dr GT


>Can someone out there with some experience with these cars tell me if I
>should be considering one as my next car?  I don't have a particular car
>picked out, I'm just trying to find out if the car fulfills my
>specifications.  First off, I'm not sure of the exact model designation
>of the car, so I'd appreciate some help there.  I'm looking at the
>'80something 2dr awd turbo charged Audi GTs.

You're thinking of the Turbo Quattro Coupe, also referred to as the
ur-Quattro (ur is German for original, since this was the original Audi to
offer a quattro drivetrain.

>Exact years and the
>correct model name would be greatly appreciated.

Most were '83 models, with a few '84s and '85s.

>I'm looking at the car
>becuase it seems to be fairly sporty, awd (important for Pittsburgh
>winters), reliable, and roomy for a 2 door.  Any opinions are greatly
>appreciated, as are any leads to such a car.  Thanks!

I am inclined to agree with your taste, and have been using an urQ as my
daily driver for over 6 years.  These are very rare cars, with fewer than
600 of all years delivered to the US.  many details are available in the

Unlike many owners on this list, I believe that it is a viable daily
driver, but it helps if you are good with auto electrics and have an even
temper.  These are not the most reliable cars ever sold.  The drivetrain is
very strong and long lasting, but the electrical systems were overstressed
and trouble-prone.

Any parts unique to this model, fortunately a minority, tend to be very
expensive.  This was sold as an expensive car when new, and it is not cheap
to run now.  If you decide to buy one, you will be rewarded with a fast,
flexible car with a lot of potential for increased power for little extra

This email list is an invaluable tool to help run these cars more reliably
at lower cost.  Don't even think about owning one without subscribing to
this list.

>Rob Verenna       Carnegie Mellon University       robv@andrew.cmu.edu
>                  Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity

Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ
'87 560 SL