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AuDi aUdI and AUDI!

	Hello all:
	This is my first time writing to u guys! Hello again!
	I used to have an 85 4000s (not quattro though can't afford it at 
that time). It was a great car! I spent a fortune in fixing and 
maintaining the car everybody thought I was crazy!! (including my 
girlfriend too!!). Then in Nov 95 I had a car accident and it cost $CAD 
5000 to fix it and that also means that I'll have to sell it for scraps! 
I spent $$$$ on timing belt; transmission; starter; wheel bearings and 
more! Here I wanted to advice u ppl out there with Audis -- Yes! If u 
don't drive fast then git rid of ur Audi and get maybe an Accord or 
something! But drive safe too! IT really really made my eyes red when I 
saw the tow-truck driver tow my first and beloved car away and i don't 
think i can ever forget that scene. 
	Also I would like to hear more from those 
experienced drivers 
out there (that's you! pal! hehe) about driving in winter and I also want 
more info on the new A4! Think it's gonna be another driver's dream. 
	By the way -- Yesterday in downtown area I played pick-up aganist a 
sunbird in my girlfriend's family car -- 95 Nissan Altima with 150 hp 
(kiss my u-know-what;150hp??!) and I had to go up to 7000rpm to win over 
the sunbird!! (although that sunbird was a stick shift and mine was again 
automatic). I wish I was driving my Audi man! My girlfriend was still mad 
at me too because she doesn't want another total lost I suppose.
	Happy New Year (although a bit late) and Good luck with ur Audi!!