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Re: Snow tire recommendations

>From: tygera@rpi.edu (Allan Tygert)
>Date: Thu, 04 Jan 1996 06:31:46 -0500
>Subject: Snow tire recommendations
>I'm curious if anyone can reccomend a good, affordable snow tire for my '86
>5kcstq.  By affordable, I mean somewhere in the $50 to $60 range.  Tire Rack
>has some Dunlops for $51 each.  Any experience with Dunlop snows and/or the
>Tire Rack?  I have come to the conclusion that these S&M (they're real
>torture to drive on) tires are one step below useless in the Northeast.
>Also, any suggestions for a cheap source of steel wheels for these snows
>($55 from the Tire Rack is the best I've found thus far) would be helpful.
>Any and all help on this matter is greatly appreciated.

I've dealt with the Tire Rack a couple of times before, always with
good results.  Their service is good, and their prices are about the
best you will find.

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