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Re: Starting problem on 5000tq (solved!)

Just to let you all know the results... I had a warm-start problem on
my Audi 5000 tq and have fixed the problem.

Thanks for the several suggestions I received. The correct answer was a 
faulty check valve on the fuel pump! I must tell you that for a $CDN 20.00
part (about $US 15.), pulling the fuel pump out of the bottom of the gas
tank is a good hour of work... and not exactly a fun task, especially
when the outdoor temp and the gas tank temp is around -22C!!! Be careful
about stuffing your arms into ice cold gas as thermal shock is not
unknown by mechanics up here who get stuck removing dead pumps from
full gas tanks!

And the leaking radiator... it might only be the fan switch that is leaking
due to a faulty/dead paper gasket! I'll try replacing that $0.25 gasket first
and see if the rad still leaks. It's so "darn" hard to see exactly what is 
leaking as everything is so packed in!!!

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