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Re: 5K Quad Lights

> I have been wondering if one couldn't use the original big fat 
> headlights from the later 100/200 series for molds, cast a fiberglass 
> piece to go in the hole so it would mount like the original lamp 
> casing, and then insert other headlights into the casting. I recall 
> that Jeff (AudiDudi) was going to play with something like this, but it 
> sure would be one heckuva lot more work than retrofitting a 
> 5K series setup.

This wasn't quite what I was trying to do (I tried to cast a shroud to cover
the light buckets, etc. behind the plastic aero lens ala BMW's new 3 series)
but my first two attempts weren't successful.  I've since decided that black
wrinkle-finish paint over the aluminum is good enough for the time being and
hope to finish this project in the next few weeks since it looks like my car
is going to be at the rollcage store for another week or two ... arrgghhh!!!

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