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Re: Bosch Plugs: Platins or Platinums

At 03:07 AM 1/8/96 -0500, STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:

>Sorry but the Platin and Platinum plugs are two WAY different animals.  
>The Platins are Solid platinum cores and are the hot ticket for the 
>turbos.  The Platinum's are Platinum coated tips, and are very good 
>plugs.  The way to tell that you have Platin's are :  1) your wallet is 
>really hurting.... @ $30ea your looking at a $150 Plug change. 2) the 
>center electrode of the plug is around .0625" dia.

Eric--I've purchased platinum (platin?) plugs for the '80 4k (4 cyl 1.6L)  I
used to have.  They had the thin wire center electrode--tip practically
encased by the insulator.  They cost between $1.5 and $2 or so at the local
Schuck's.  For the '87 4kcsq, the factory used the triple-ground electrode
plugs--pricey, but I never bought/replaced them myself.  I've never replaced
the plugs in my 200q--I probably don't want to know th price.   I have a
hunch that supply/demand is at work here--think of how many 4-banger VWs
they've sold as opposed to the turbo-5s audi sells.  
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