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Bosch Plugs:The last comment

After reading the latest response, I now understand the controversy.  We are
not discussing apples and bananas, we are discussing apples and apples.

I looked in the Bosch spark plug catalog.  There are two listings for the
super secret security hidden F5DPOR plug.

The catalog listing is as follows:

Make,Year Model     Super         Platinum      Bosch O.E    Gap  Spark Plug
                  Plug  Stock    Plug  Stock   Plug   Stock        Wire Set

1991 2226cc     W7DC    7500   WR7DP   4216    W7DTC   NA     .32   09-191
1991 2226ccTQ                  F5DPOR   NA     F5DPOR  NA     .24   09-191

2309cc 10V      W7DC    7500   WR7DP   4216    W7DTC   NA     .32   09-191
2309cc 20V                     F6DP    4227    F6DSR   NA     .32   09-191

If you'll notice, the F5 and F6 Plugs are listed under platinum.  There is
not a listing for platin because I use an English catalog.

The June 26, 1995 Bosch Price Sheet lists the plug in question as follows:

       Part        Description             List    Dealer

      FRDPOR   Dual Spec Platinum          29.30    19.05

There is no magic bullet to this.  They are a special platinum plug that has
an electrode that is twice the normal size hence the dual designation.
These plugs are normally sold for $13.99.

If anyone has a question, please feel free to contact me and I will fax you
a copy of the pages in question.

Arlyn Strano-A4
Strano Foreign Car