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Re: crashed help

Well the big prollum is that there are zero builds of quattro automatics of
that vintage.....  You have to look under the car for that....  The retrofit
of a auto into a manual car sounds kinda strange to all that know......  Do
you know the origins of the car?  Could it be a salvage job?  There is no
reference to an auto-q in bentley, or the dealer fische or at Audi AG.......
 If I were to venture a guess, sounds like you got a rollover car that needed
windows and a rear trunk......  No one wants to tell you you are full of
**it, however, you have years of quattro experience here that is indicating
you have a identification problem.....  I suppose you could put a later
autobox into a 5ktq, but again you should have either a center diff lock, a
rear diff lock, or both, or go with a v8 center diff and rear diff torsen,
but the logistics are just unreal to make that conversion......  And that
would be the most EXPENSIVE conversion in audi history.......  Save us all
the bandwidth and take a look under the rear.......