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87 5KCSTQ questions...

A couple of irritating questions have been floating around in my skull

1.  The quattro on the rear glass - is this the ant booster, or part of my
defroster?  It doesn't defrost with the rest of the rear window...

2.  The second section of my ant is stuck, so it doesn't go all the way up.
 The top one and bottom 2 sections work fine.  Once the antenna is out, is it
hard to take apart (and most importantly, put back together correctly)?

3.  Has anyone considered replacing the stock A/C compressor with something
more current?  Considering the platform its mounted on, it shouldn't be hard
to mount a better compressor that has close to the same flow and pressure
specs...  Wouldn't that reduce the load when it cycles?

4.  For those who have put an aftermarket stereo in - how did you handle
powering the antenna booster?


Dave Head
68 dregrees in Orlando tomorrow...