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snow tires..

Still some out there looking for snow tires, so I thought I'd toss out that
the deals that were done on my no longer needed snows and one set of wheels
didn't come off.  So I've got two sets of slightly used 195/65-15 snows. 
One set is of Blizzaks with about 2000 miles on them; the other set is of
Dunlop Qualifier M+S's with less than 3000 miles wear.  The Dunlops are
mounted on 5-spoke 15"x7" alloys that will fit most 5000's, 200's and
TQC's.  The offset is +37 and they look like older AMG 5 spokes for
Mercedes.  Since the other deals didn't come together around the holidays,
they still sit in my garage, BUT I NEED THE ROOM!  So, any reasonable
offers will be considered at this point, even though my four year old
informed me that we were going to have to move back to Colorado NOW!

Everything you've heard about the Blizzak's snow performance is true,
particularly beneficial in icey conditions, by the way.  They were on the
wife's recently departed '93 90S, which had only 19K on it, so you know the
mileage estimate on the tires is on the high side. The Dunlops are good,
solid older tech tires that were on the TQC.  PDG in snow; no comparison to
the Blizzaks on ice.

Let me know...the tires are going to be sent out to Denver to be sold in a
week or so.


Stephen A. Marinello, Ph.D.
Newpark Resources, Inc.
P.O. Box 6411 - Metairie, LA 70009