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TTerribly ugly!


         I agree totally!  I think its ugliest car Audi has ever built.  If thi
s is a sighn of things to come, then the future is looking bleak for Audi.  The
Audi TT looks like the new VW Bettle (also very ugly) covered in armour plating
and painted that bland grey color.  I also agree that the Avus embodied the slo
gan "Vorshburg der Tecknik" (sp?)....or Progress through Technology.  And, the
quattro spyder was just beautiful, but what is thing supposed to represent?  An
yways, the wierd part is that some people actually like it....like the Auto mag
s.  For some reason I've seen it in every car magazine in the last few months.

        I don't know who posted the original message, but if they want to see m
ore pictures of that thing (I won't ask) there is a whole section on the car in
Bob D'Amato's Home Page (also known as the Audi Depository) with plenty of pict
ures.  I don't know the address though.

        Has anyone seen the new Mitsubishi car that will replace the 3000GT-VR4
?  I forget what it is called, but they had pictures of it in some of the last
magazines.  This thing wins the Golden Turkey award for uglyness!  It's a prett
y wild looking car, but it's pretty stupid looking too!