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Re: V-Belt not tight enough?

> Car: 1986 Audi 4000 CS Quattro > > Today, the voltmeter started acting
strange. It fell down to the 12 > mark, and as I was driving to and from
work, it continued to fall until > the car stopped. :( (I'd guess it was
about 20-30 minutes of night driving) > If the alternator belt is not
tight enough, could this cause the system > not to be recharged? (I know
it is somewhat loose, as when it rains it > starts to screech) I did jump
the car, but the charge was lost after > about 30-60 seconds.  > > Any

Your alternator belt is the lowest and gets the most road garbage on it. 
I have found my alternator belt most likely to loosen.  A similar event
happened to me a few years ago.  You probably need to tighten your belt
(alternator that is).  Are you due to change them (every four years or so).

Eric Schumacher
86 4kCSQ