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ESPN2 relevant programs in January

Here's what I've culled from browsing the rest of January's schedule on 
ESPN2 (http://espnet.sportszone.com/editors/studios/espn-tv.html). I 
assume the Granada-Dakar coverage continues in February. Ready, set 
your VCR, sleep:

(All times Eastern Standard Time)

Sunday , January 14, 1996:
12:30pm:	Racing Legends Volume 2 (ESPN2)

Wednesday, January 17, 1996:
12:00am:	Secrets of Speed: Pikes Peak-2
12:30am:	Secrets of Speed: Aerodynamics

Thursday , January 18, 1996:
12:00am:	Secrets of Speed: "Hard Drive"
12:30am:	Secrets of Speed: BMW: Pursuit of Speed

Friday , January 19, 1996:
03:30pm:	Racing Legends Volume 3 (ESPN2)

Monday , January 22, 1996:
03:00am:	Secrets of Speed: "Hard Drive"

Sunday , January 28, 1996:
06:30pm:	1996: Granada-Dakar Rally-1st Leg (ESPN2)
07:30pm:	Racing Legends volume 4 (ESPN2)

Monday , January 29, 1996:
02:00am:	1996: Granada-Dakar Rally-1st Leg (ESPN2)
06:30pm:	1996: Granada-Dakar Rally-2nd Leg (ESPN2)

Tuesday , January 30, 1996:
02:00am:	1996: Granada-Dakar Rally-2nd Leg (ESPN2)
06:30pm:	1996: Granada-Dakar Rally-3rd Leg (ESPN2)

Wednesday, January 31, 1996:
02:00am:	1996: Granada-Dakar Rally-3rd Leg (ESPN2)
06:30pm:	1996: Granada-Dakar Rally-4th Leg (ESPN2)