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Re: S6 toolkit clip

Of course it is! My problem was that when I visualized what he
described the 'wire loop' never came to mind! Should have, my last 3
cars had it. I guess since I was perplexed about the orange plastic
one, that others would have been too!

Perci Hala
93 Aud! S4

On Wed, 10 Jan 1996 08:54:43 -0800 (PST) you wrote:

>Did you guys find the U-shaped wire tool in the little tool kit with the 
>lug wrench? I have one of those for my 92' 100 base model. The 92' 100 
>base model has plastic hubcabs over the stamp steel wheel, the U-shaped 
>hook is for pulling the plastic hubcaps off. I don't know if any one of 
>you who seen the hubcaps on base 92' 100 V6 model, There are alot of 
>little square shaped holes around the perimeter of the hubcaps. You put 
>the hook ends of the U-shaped ends to two of these square holes and you 
>pull on it then hubcab come off. It's very hard to get them off with a 
>screwdrives since the hubcaps are made of flexible plastic not the usual 
>hard abs stuff which tend to crack very easily.
>Funnily the other day I was sitting at the alignment shop waiting for my 
>car, a guy in an Audi 100 identical to mine pull up and ask me how I get 
>those hubcaps off since he had a hack of a time getting them off the 
>wheel with a screwdriver.  
>Anthony Chan
>85' 5000s forsale
>92' 100 V6
>On Wed, 10 Jan 1996, Edward T Spire wrote:
>> >From sk0ph@cadvision.com Tue Jan  9 21:26:55 1996
>> >
>> >Little orange plastic guy? My S4 had one and I was told it was for
>> >removing the plug wires. Never tried it though.
>> No, that's in the fuse compartment on the side of the dash.
>> This is simply a piece of wire bent into roughly a U shape, with the
>> ends bent at 90 degrees.  Another reader said it was for pulling fuses,
>> maybe it's for the larger metal box style fuses you find under the
>> hood...
>> Thanks.
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