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Thanks for all the replies to my questions.  The light switch will go in
tomorrow and I just got the hose from the block to the valve cover.  Part of the
breather system.  I suspected the old one and after seeing the new one I was
right.  I described it to the parts guy as kind of square shaped changing to
round and told him where it went to/from.  He knew exactly what I needed and
brought out an all round hose.  My old hose is morphing into god knows what. Not
for long.

The "bomb" for the brake/steering isn't too bad.  Seems to be setting off the
light less and less.  I think I hear the L/F wheel bearing.  Slight growl when
turning right.  My merkur did the same thing so......

John/friend/mechanic says the fuel pump isn't too bad but will need to be done.
I was surprised that there is only one pump.  All the CIS Volvos and VWs I
worked on for 12 years had a feed and a main pump.  Oh well.

I bought four new door/body stud thingies.  You know, what the door latch
catches on.  Most of mine have shot plastic sleeves.  Drivers door rattles a
bit.  The rest will soon. Ordered new black plastic caps for the lugs also. 

The boost question?  So if 1.2 or 1.3 is normal that sure isn't much boost.  If
.1 is about 1.4lbs than I've got a whopping say 3-4.5lbs or so of boost.  This
is assuming the gauge is even correct.  Right?  When the gauge reads 1bar that
is the same as my Merkurs HKS gauge at 0lbs.  What do Neds' boxes go to for
stage one?

This is the last of my problems right now but food for thought.

More to come for sure.  I'll keep you posted on progress.  Thanks for all the