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Re: Unka Bart and Dora

On Thu, 11 Jan 1996, Peter Schulz wrote:

> Listers:
> Has anyone put together a "get well" card for Bart and Dora, or some
> type of contribution the American Cancer Society in their names???
> Even if the card consists of a compilation of e-mails, it's probably
> the least we could do for Bart, given his many years of support for
> our quattro list...
> Comments??? Suggestions???

	That's an excellent idea.  However, the logistics of getting 
signatures from everyone on the list are quite staggering.  How about if 
we try to get Unka Bart's address, and anyone who wants can send an 
individual card, mentioning that they are from the Quattro list.  It only 
costs .32 plus the card, adn 5 minutes to write it.  That's not too much 
to ask I don't think.

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