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Re: -=> Changing Radiator <=-

In a message dated 96-01-11 15:04:35 EST, you write:

>I've decided to change the slightly leaking radiator 
>myself. I'll have the Bentley pages faxed to me b4 I
>go ahead. Any special instructions/tips beyond Bentley?

Pull the Hyd pump and lay it aside.  Pull hoses, lower temp sensor conn,
upper obstructions and overflow tank off (that level sensor can be a bear).
 Disconnect fan wires, remove the other connector offen de fan housing.
 Don't try to remove the fan and housing.  The a/c condensor clips in - lift
up pull forward.  Underneath radiator you have 2 small screws and one nut to
remove.  Angle out radiator with fan/housing attached.  Takes 1.5 hours if
yer slow like me...

Dave Head