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Re: ABS Good/No-Good?

> Regarding the AUDIDUDI crash, I'm amazed at people who look over their
> shoulder to see behind because of the distance covered with their head in
> the Linda Blair (backwards) position.  I've done it too, and as he learned
> - it only takes once.

I realize this is not a forum on driving but I was actually *taught* to do
this when I learned how to drive 20 years ago.  Since it's legal in AZ for
motorcycles to split lanes and our environment certainly encourages riding
them year-round, it would be very risky *not* to do so ... I tried a large
Wink mirror once but found it very distracting to keep looking at my head.

If I were on the track instead of the street, I'd chalk it up to a "racing
incident," as they say on TV...

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