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Re: The police report...

> >Thanks to the 19 of you (!) who suggested I get a copy of the police report
> >and find out the attractive female passenger's telephone number from it ...
> >I called them today and was told it won't be available for another 10 days.
> >
> >I still don't know if I have the cojones to pull this one off ... I can see
> >it now: "Hi, you probably don't remember me but..."     ;^)
> Do it, Do it, DO IT.  For the Honor of the list, Man! Do It!

Well, since we have vaguely established that Audi does not have as 
much sweep-that-"person"-up charisma, should you say that you were in 
an... Audi, or not? (:

>From all this post about "unexpected situation," it sure reminded me of 
similar situation back 3 years ago... Damn! I think I missed it... (; 
(Hmmm... would it be too late to get a police report? :)

Well, I hope everyone is going to drive safely in the future. I live here 
in Omaha where I have to deal with snowy situation about 5 months a year. 
ALthough I haven't had any accident while I'm on the driver's seat, I 
sure had experiences going through two in passenger's seat (both under 
"black ice" conditions). Sure was terrible on the car and to the neck...

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