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RE:Warning lights

rodmak@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca wrote

>Anyone have more than 3 warnings on at a time? who's got the record?

Its funny you should mention this, as travelling home yesterday, I clocked up 4, but only instantaneoulsly.  Some of you may know I have a *slight* electrical problem, with losing power momentarily. It happened again yesterday for a couple of seconds, the oil pressure light, temp gauge, alternator, and park light all came on (and the warning buzzer) for 1 second. I would have worried about the oil pressure, xcept the handbrake was definitely not on, and I presumed some Audi wiring must be up the spout, (where do they connect these sensors to???).

If anyone has any idea where to start, Id be most appreciative, I will try and clean all the contacts I can find over the weekend.....