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Re: A couple thoughts

On Fri, 12 Jan 1996 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

don't change the subject.  you were trying to claim that the VC and
the clutches are similar.  are you backing away from that now?

> Unlike clutches in the traditional sense of an LSD, the clutches aren't what
> the name implies on the v8, they are used more for allowing slip (as in a low
> traction turn) than generating heat to "perform" as in an LSD.....  Look at
> it this way eliot, the hydraulics make the diff either lock or unlock, not
> progressive, not wear-tearing, heat generating progressively applied, as in a
> true clutch or LSD.....   What their primary function is on the v8 is open
> when no hydraulics, and allowing some "slip" while turning with "hydraulics"
> activated......  The activation is a clear and precise on off function, the
> clutches only allow for slip...


progression in the v8 is achieved by rapid pulsing of the locking action,
very much like ABS. yes, it locks 100% but only for a few tenths of a
second at a time.

> However, and this isn't in Lamm's book, the VC has progressed beyond the
> "smart" stages of your v8 system, in that there are no "clutches" to slip to
> make a turn.....

> You may want to read up on the advances made in VC beyond Lamm's 1990 publish
> date....  Either Porsche or Mitsubishi has that information available to
> you.....

i see no claim from you that the latest "advanced" VC has solved its
fundamental problem of not knowing the difference between braking and
accelerating.  how could it?  since the VC is such a simple device,
what is there to advance?  please enlighten me.

the latest porkers, if i'm not mistaken, have an auxillary clutch to
disengage the system during braking.  this is not part of the VC, but
rather the baggage that comes with the VC.  and this is nothing new.

mitsu hasn't done anything besides slackening the couplings, since
it's a road car it doesn't matter too much.

where's the advance???