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Anyone else got the "365 CARS" 1996 calendar?

... I was just leaving my office for the night and realized that I forgot
to remove 11 January (a sweet looking red 1971 Ferrari 365GTB4 Daytona),
and was quite surprised to find that 12 January is a pair of 1988 Audi 
5000s (one Quattro)!  The caption read:

"Audi's fortunes reached a peak with the introduction of its 5000-series 
in 1984.  Mid-decade, the sleek, sophisticated, five-cylinder cars were 
beset by reliability problems and unfounded reports of freak acceleration 
incidents.  By the time the four-wheel-drive Quattro arrived Audi sales 
had plunged."

Have a good weekend all!
San Jose, CA (USA)