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over at a friends...

came across a JC Whitney catalog...

OK, now that your eyes have rolled back down, I recall someone here
mentioning a headlight transplant for a 4k series car from a droF-mobile of
some kind.  Seems we've been discussing this one quite a bit lately, so...

in the midst of the light section, they carry aero-style headlights for a
variety of GM/droF/Toyota/Nissan/Chrysler cars (of course not our beloved
Audis).   might be something worth checking out for some of you with
tools/fabricating capabilities.  i suppose a dismantler might be cheaper,
but these would at least be new and intact.  prices range from $45 to $180 a
side, mostly around $100.

Also, they have some new Hella conversion lights (7" round or 200mm
rectangular) using a HB2 bulb;  DOT street-legal.  anyone know what these
are like?

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