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Re: Ur-q Owners Rejoice...

Here is a small Ur-q story that will bring miles of smiles.
I found it on aol's Road&Track message boards... Just thought that I would
pass it along...
Subj:  Quattro story...
Date:  95-08-07 23:39:20 EST
From:  Ads by IM@aol.com

I drive a Porsche 944, and I have to relate a little story that happened to
me the other day.

Driving on a favorite and lonely stretch of road, I saw a car closing quickly
from behind.  I used to own an Audi Coupe, and once you've owned a Coupe, you
can always tell the wicked looking fender flares of the Turbo Quattro Coupe.
 That's what was behind me.  Now, my Porsche's not exactly blisteringly fast,
but it's got some nice performance upgrades, and about 160 horsepower.  The
944 is balanced, predicatable, and quick.  In addition, I've spent a lot of
years in Formula Fords, Formula Vees, etc., so I know a little bit about what
I'm doing behind the wheel.  In short, I'm generally not too afraid to hassle
MUCH faster cars on winding roads - I can usually run away from them.  I also
knew this road to be desolate and safe, so I goosed the throttle and set out
to leave this guy in the Quattro.  I figured: "Okay, he's got about the same
power, his car should understeer too much in these twisties, and he probably
doesn't know what he's doing.  This is going to be easy."

Ohhhh, it wasn't.  He was on my butt like fat on a mother-in-law for about
two miles before I finally admitted defeat and let him by.  Once he passed, I
took off after him, but he just very slowly pulled away.  His fifteen year
old car was real balanced in the corners- it didn't seem to be pushing AT
ALL, and he could pull me on the straights too!

Anyway, there's no point to this, other than the fact that I want you guys to
know that even us non-Audi owners know when we've screwed with the wrong Audi
on the wrong day.  Maybe his car was hopped up a little, or maybe he just
walked me... either way, my hat's off to that "antiquated" "understeering"
"unreliable" car.  It sure schooled me.
Isn't That fun...  "fat-mother-in-law"... I do still love all Porsches, but
this just hits a home run...  I wish it was me that was driving the Ur-q...

Thompson Smith
Art Director/QCUSA