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A4Q Solo II car...

Nancy Naughton, who competed in Dan Maloney's Porsche C4 last year, has just
bought herself a '96 A4Q to replace the BMW 318ti she drove last year (quite
the dog, apparently).  She had it out at the local practice event today with
race tires on it and it appears she might seriously consider running it this
year depending upon which class it ends up in ... unfortunately, my headache
forced me to leave before she ran it so I don't know how well she did.

If the car stays in HS (where it's now classed due to the catch-all clause),
I suspect it will be VERY competitive despite its excess weight.  If it ends
up in GS, where I think it really belongs, I suspect it will still be a very
competitive car ... in any event, should she decide to compete with it, I'll
keep everyone posted as to her progress.  Wouldn't it be neat if she goes to
the Nationals with it?  Maybe I could even co-drive it if my car isn't ready
by then (and at the rate it's going, I'm beginning to wonder).

BTW, Dan still has his '95 Porsche C4, '95 Corvette, '95 M3, '95 Cobra R, et
al ... if he wasn't such a nice guy, I'd probably hate him!  :^)

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