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Re: Cheap and easy Euro lites (not)

At 11:28 AM 1/14/96 EST, Joe Yakubik wrote:

>The swap is not just a direct bolt-in.  It's pretty darn close, and having both
>reflectors would have made it easier, but you have to move the aux battery
>terminal from the windshield washer bottle  (haven't figured out exactly where

so that's why the thing is floating around in there on mine.  thanks for
solving that mystery for me.  the wire seems to be stiff enough to hold it
in place, but i'm sure the vibration isn't doing it any good.  it looks like
it's possible to bolt it to the "frame" rail in there, but i haven't tried.
maybe this summer when it's warmer  :)

>to, yet).  These light units are big!  They are approximately 16 and one half
>inches wide, compared to the US 15 and one half.  They take their extra inch
>from the outside; hence no room for an amber running light, only a silver

the amber running light is replaced by the "city" light at the bottom of the
reflector on mine.  don't know it this is how it's supposed to be, but...hth

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