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Re: Need help with new car....

 > 	Also called about a Bently manual yesterday, I'm going to go pick it 
 > up today direcly from their office (turns out they're right down the 
 > road from me.)  

 > Does $139 sound reasonable?  Does to me, but I've never bought one. 
 > Two volumes, over two thousand pages of info.  YIPPEE!!

Yippee?? Yup, I'm afraid you're one of us alright ;-) .

We can help one another. Just say it out- don't hold it in. Repeat, "All of
this is an investment". You'll need this as you progress.

When you find that little tidbit in Bentley, when you've deciphered a section
of it after cross-correlating info from other sources, when you've BTDT,
you'll find the need to share it with us. 

It's Okay.


-- Eddi

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