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Re: SCCA classifies 84 GT Coupe

>The February issue of "Sports Car" now lists the 1984 Audi GT Coupe in
>ITB which is an imporived touring classification that severly limits
>the changes from stock that can be made.  This lowers the cost of
>going amatuer racing by not allowing the high dollar changes.  These
>rules also tend to even out the competitiveness of the groups of cars
>with each other sos that a drivers talents are showcased rather than
>his bank account.  We ran this class last year but with a Mazda RX-3,
>which is a front runner in our area.  Cost of going racing with your
>Audi, based on a minimum level of preperation, would be about $1500
>above the cost of the car.  This would include fire extinguisher, roll
>cage, racing seat belts, numbers and class lettering, and one set of
>racing wheels.  Tires, fuel, drivers safety gear all cost extra.
>Questions can be directed to SCCA at 303-694-7229. There will no doubt
>be a school near you this spring that will be your first step toward
>getting your licence.  Be fun to see some Audis out there. 

$1500 will get you on the track but not in the winners circle! (Second 
Sucks!)  I doubt that the Coupe GT will be able to beat the VW Golf's and 
the Ovlov 144's in ITB. Just an Opinion, that's formed 'cause I did the 
suspension on the ITB Champ's car.....


Eric Fletcher