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Re: Good Convex Mirrors

>> Eric wrote: > > >I bought a set of ADJUSTABLE convex mirrors. > > Since
>using a poor quality, fixed rear view mirror add-on called of all > things
>"The Lane Changer" in my old daily driver, I have been impressed by > the
>'visibility' they offer in viewing blind spots (Granted, no mirror is >
>better than looking directly!). I've not been able to find anything
>better, > only worse plastic, distortioned ones. (Granted, no mirror is
>better than > looking directly!)
>> > Where might other stiff-necks find your nice adjustables? > ... >
>I bought mine from an ad in R&T or EC, I can't recall which.  They were
>less than $20.  They have adhesive on the back, but it didn't hold well.
>I left the adhesive pad on and applied "super glue."  Works great.
>Note:  I do NOT use the automatic car wash (neither should any of you).  I
>don't know how they will stay on with that kind of contact.
>Eric Schumacher

I have a fixed convex mirror on the passenger's side that I bought from K
Mart.  It is clear enough, clean looking, has stayed on for over a year now
with the original adhesive pad, and has survived many car washes (although
these are brushless car washes).  This makes a great double check before
lane changes.

Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ
'87 560 SL