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Anyone ISO a 4000CSQ??

Hi gang,

Well, out of a moment of insanity, I drove through our local Audi
dealer (Schukei) here in Mason City, IA.  Much to my amazement,
they have a RED on grey cloth 1986 4000 CS Quattro.  Here is the
kicker... it has only 44,000 miles on it!  Since it's Sunday, I
didn't get to inspect it inside and out, but here's what I know
about it so far...

It has a small spot of rust on the front passenger door, two
noticeable dings on the driver's side door (a few other minor
dings on the car), the exhaust looks to be in good shape, the tires
(BF Goodrich) -seem to be decent.  It has heated seats (not sure
if they work), and the trip computer option.  The part that
bothered me a bit was that the roof of the car has some
indentations in it... almost as if an overweight dog walked across
it and left it's mark.  ;)  Oh yeah, both of the turn signals up
front would need new lenses... they are cracked.  With all that
said, it is still one of the better looking 4kCSQ's that I've seen
lately.  It might make a good project car, or daily driver for
some of you.  

Not sure about the price, but if someone really wants me to check
it out, I'd be happy to.  OR, you can reach Schukei at 515.423.5402.

Happy motoring!


'87 4kCSQ
'93 SSSS
'86 XR4ti