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V6 solid-gold oil filters

Picking up on someone's tip, I called
Sonen motors in Calif. for some well priced
OC-47 filters for my 5-banger.  I also
asked about filters for my mom's new A6Q.

$19.95!!!!??????? (oops, less 20%)

I must be missing something here.  Are
the V6 filters really that dear?  Have
any of you found an alternate source?

Finally, many US manufacturers list an
application for the V6.  Aside from some
hydraulic lifter noise, is there any reason
to doubt the usability of a Fram or Purolator?

(BTW, before I understood the valving difference,
I used exclusively Frams in my 84 4000Q, which
I sold at 185k miles with perfect compression.
They're not THAT bad).