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FOR SALE: '85 4000S Quattro - Madison, WI

I made the mistake of stopping at the Audi dealer to look at the '92 100S
sedans that they have coming off of lease, and I've decided I can't live
without one!  The only bad part is that it's also time to bid farewell to
the 4000.  If anyone is interested, e-mail or call me!

Here is the info on the car:  (reading from the original window sticker)

1985 4000S Quattro  123k miles
Graphite clearcoat metallic (aka Black)
Power sunroof
Grey leather interior 
Pirelli P6 tires put on at 110k, 2 extra Audi alloys with matching P6 tires.
(I hate mini spares, I keep both a full size and the mini spare in the trunk)

The car was repainted in it's original color 2.5 years ago.  There is a
small amount of surface rust on the bottom of the passenger door.  Other
than that minor exterior flaw, the car looks great.

The leather in the front has seen it's better days, showing signs of neglect
in it's early life.  The leather has shrunk, pulling apart some of the
seams.  Obiously, the passenger seat is in better shape.  The seat heaters
no longer work.

A Sony CD player with removeable faceplate and 4 Kenwood speakers is included.

Price:  $2400  The car is in Madison, WI

You can see pictures of the car at http://www.inxpress.net/~ericg/audi.htm

If you want to see more pics of the car, let me know and I'll post them.


--Eric Glanz
--(608) 251-9089
--Eric Glanz
--CK Engineering
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