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RE: Ned's computer

>Are you sure you actually got a reprogrammed chip?  Or just a socket?  
>Do you have specs and/or part numbers for the components (pressure 

Yes, I got a reprogrammed chip. Perhaps I was a bit unclear but they replace
the soldered chip with a socket (to make future changes easier) and a new
chip. Part of the hassle is that the actual EPROM used in the box
is appearantly difficult to buy so they need to blank the original chip and
reprogram it. I did get backups to the originals (it's actually two EPROMS) that
contains the original code but a slightly different EPROM spec (still 256kx8 though).
Since my '94 did not need the pressure transducer I do not have any parts numbers
for it.

>From what I have been reading about *ALL* of the tuners here, including 
>Ned, is that no actual chip changes are done.  What *is* done is to make 
>internal changes in the ECU so that the computer never actually know what 
>the true boost is and therfoe the fuel cut-oo is defeated.  This is very 
>different from a reprogrammed chip.  My car now has a zener diode/resistor 
>clamping the pressure signal to an artificial limit of about 1.25 bar 
>rather than the 2.4 bar it should read.

That's very much different from the approach this company has. They reprogam
the chip to allow for higher boost, then they add the mapping (fuel, ignition basically
I believe) for the higher boost values.

My impression with the company is that they take their business very seriously.
Although they provide the same type of 'mailorder' that was mentioned, they really
want you to visit them and have them install it. In addition to installing it they also test
drive the car before and after the changes and meassures the actual boost values
and acceleration times. I was very happy with the installation and it worked without
a problem. They claim a 40hp increase which doesn't seem unreasonable. (0-62
down .7 sec, top speed up 9mph).

>Was your chip really changed?  If so, I'd like a lot more information.

Well, since I no longer own the car I can't just check ;-) But yes it was changed. I guess
you can contact the company yourself for more details. They should speak English (they
do a lot of business with Toyota Europe providing engine enhancements for their rally cars)

Anyway here's the address and phone:
Svensk TurboTeknik AB
S-862 40 Njurunda
Phone: +46 60 311 11.