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Re: Sport Q restoration! Wow!

This thread got me rereading the article about Dialynx's 
Body kits for sport quattros.  They have been known to chop
coupes or quattro coupes to make sport quattro "like" cars.
They have all of the panels and the front ends available.
The way the factory did it was as follows, take the front
end from a 4000Q and the back end from a coupe, chop out
the rear door, rear window, hatch, and 11.5 inches from the
4000Q, and paste in the sloping hatch with no rear door from
the coupe.  This way you get the more vertical front windshield,
a shorter front door, and the correctly sized tunnels for the
quattro system.

Now if you had one of each of these cars and the drivetrain from
a modern 5KQT with a cross flow head youd have most of the parts.
I think you could consider putting one together for about $15K,
plus lots of time if you can already weld.

paul t-